wp_20160727_11_11_13_proHouston, Houston…1, 2, 3

Ruby reporting to earth from Japan. My human bestie and I visited Cosmo Isle Hakui, the only museum dedicated to space race and UFO in Japan. Here, you can learn much about the Space Race age when the USA and USSR were trying to out whisker each other in a craze to conquer space.

I got to see the real (I think) space crafts made in USA and in USSR. I particularly liked this one here to the left. Look at how thick the walls are and all those tiny knobs and pipes and switches! I could never figure out which to press in case of an emergency! They all look like fun to push and squeeze.

So what was all the rage about the Space Race? Well, let’s go back a step and look at pre-Space Race period. Earlier in time, between 1939 amd 1945, there was a horrible war called World War II. It started because somebody with a big mouth and a funny moustache tried to brainwash everyone in thinking that the lack of love and being cool to people who looked different was not allowed. While he had a funny moustache, he was a bit crazy and people were scared of him. So many obeyed. And those who were different suffered. Just because the moustache man had issues that we would today be giving him medical help.

Anyhow, it was horrible war and millions of people died and suffered as a result. We all learned that listening to men with funny body hair was not a good idea. Many countries invovled in the war were also badly bombed and made poor. Who did okay were the Americans and the Soviets. They decided to take the opportunity to prove to the world that one was more clever and superior than the other. And being able to fly around space was considered to be the ultimate test. This was the Space Race.

The Space Race was an exciting time with scientific and technological innovation breaking new boundaries. It started in 1955 when the Americans said they’ve got a pretty snazzy satellite to launch into the space soon. The Soviets got on the case by saying, ‘oh really?’ and jumped the gun by launched their own spacecraft, the Sputnik 1, first in 1957 to orbit space. The Americans, forever wanting to be the best, launced Apollo 11.  In 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first man (men) to land on the moon. It was a historic moment and lots of peopel around the world nearly cried in excitement, disbelief and in awe.

It’s amazing to think that people went to space in such tiny spacecrafts. The picutre of me below is with a Soviet capsule much like the one that the first human space orbiter, Yuri Gagarin from the Soviet Union, travelled in in 1961. It’s not much bigger than a very big dog house. Since then, the Americans and the Soviets decided it was silly being super competitive and had a rendesvous on earth’s orbit in 1975. What a place to have a get together!

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I also saw a lot of UFO sighting pictures too at the Museum. And I must have been really lucky. I met a REAL alien!! Just in case you didn’t know who he was, he’s holding up a sign that says ‘I’m an alien’.

Cosmo Isle Hakui Museum is in on the 2nd Floor of this address: 25 Menda Tsuruta-machi, Hakui-shi, Ishikawa, Japan 952-0027

I guess in space, they only speak Japanese because they don’t have an English website. But in case you do read Japanese, here is the link to more information! We also loved reading the blog by Ishikawa JET. Thanks!