About Me

Hi, I'm Marina.

I like to chill. Some call me a bit lazy, but I do love to take it easy.

I get a bit timid in new places, so I need a lot of pep talk as we go along and discover new things.

My favorite food is bacon and eggs with maple syrup drizzled like crazy.

I need to watch my weight. I am told to eat less and exercise more, but to be honest, it is much more fun to do the opposite!

 Thanks for taking me on a walk! Woof!

Mighty fine city
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Mighty fine city

Hey, check this out! I’ve been wandering around Norwich today…. And I have to say, the Norwich Cathedral is something special. It all started in 1096 and took I think like 300 years to build. The straight road from the river next to where I’m standing in this picture used to be the canal where […]