IMG_0173.JPGThis giant ruby red flower is called Amaryllis.

It is one of the easiest flowers to bring to bloom, so perfect for beginner gardeners like me! What’s more, it comes in a number of beautiful shades from red, pink, orange, white and even stripie ones and multicolored ones.

It originates from the tropical region of South America. Amaryllis is a low-maintenance beauty that is happy to live indoors or outdoors, and as such, popular around the world.

Amaryllis flowers for about 7-10 weeks. Once the flowers are gone, you cut the finished flowers at the stem, and once the stem begins to look a bit droopy and sad, cut the stem off too to the bulb’s head. Keep the bulb potted and well nourished in direct light, watering it sparingly until the new stem comes out. Water more frequently as the bulb and leaves grow too.

The flowering period is between late December and until late June. I wish I can have them flowering all year long. It might be grey outside, but the glorious amaryllis flowers in the house are looking just perfect!

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