Love goodies? Get some funky freebies to get you started

Go Walkeez app

The Go Walkeez app is here! We’ll continue to add more themed walks, but first, get your start-up app free from the links below.


Go Walkeez DIY paper dogs

Print and make your own DIY dog!

We have five lovely colors to choose from. Decorate the jacket with your own design.

Original print size is A3 with additional small parts needed (that said, nothing to stop you unleashing your creativity to make your dog truly unique).

Paper dogs red     Paper dogs pink

Paper dogs blue    Paper dogs orange

Paper dogs green

Top tips:

Print out on a thicker paper (thicker than your normal copy paper). It might be worth asking your local color printers to print it for you on their thickish paper.

Coming soon:

We will also have some pre-cut DIY doggie packet soon, for those who don’t do scissors.

We’ll have a how-to video as well.

You love the original sponge dogs? Well, not to worry. They are also available soon too, once their health check-ups finish.