Howdy! Fancy a bit of cultural fun?

Go Walkeez Show-5We are cool little sausage dogs that come with an app. Will you take us out for a walk and teach us about your favorite places and spaces? We use the app to ask you some questions so you can teach us new things about the good cultural stuff you like. We love being in pictures. Take snaps of us sniffing out amazing things. Share it on social media with the help of your adult poeple and link it to ours using #gowalkeez. You’ll be the envy of your friends and family. Be our new best friend and find out where we will be visiting next!

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We are currently hanging around in the Norwich area

We are currently getting all our health check-ups and vaccinations up to date, so we can’t get rehomed to schools and other kiddie spaces and houses just yet. But, don’t worry. We do still get out on special occassions. Interested? Get in touch to get special walkeez invites and other news by contacting us using the form below.