Japan–being an island country–is surrounded by the sea.

There is so much to do! Today, I’m showing a series of taster pictures of what you can see in Ishikawa prefecture. Great for those after some bright blue sky and twinkling sea.

This is me taking a leisurely boar ride along one of the rivers here. Lots of green and plenty of space for an adventure dog like me.

Below me is a terraced rice paddy called senmaida (thousand rice fields). Japan has a lot of rain and they use the rain water to keep the fertile rice paddies nice and soggy to help rice grow fat and juicy. Each summer, farmers spend hours plonking neat rows of rice seedlings into the squiggy fertile soil. Once the seedlings take root, they grow tall, then flower and eventually bear heavy rice head buds that become rice grains. The farmers keep a close eye on the water level in each of the rice paddy to make sure the plant grows nicely. Good rice needs good water, so farmers irrigate the land by drawing in water from natural sources like springs and rivers.

Because Japan is mountainous, many of the rice paddies are carved into the hill sides to create a step formation. This ziggurat type is called terraced rice paddies, the type you see here in my picture.

Japan, being surrounded by sea, is a perfect place to harvest sea salt. Here under the beating summer sun, salt farmers are raking the sand to help crystalize the salt in the sea water.

Japan is still full of green and local charm. While I love the big city lights of Tokyo and the cultural history of ancient capital Kyoto, I also like places like Ishikawa with its beautiful landscape, nice locals and Go Walkeez dog friendly attractions. I hope you get to visit Japan too!





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